Course Water/Aid/Portalet Stops

Starting Area — Bottled water and bananas will be at the starting area.  Portalets with sanitizing stations will be at start line.
Due to Covid-19 requirements, we will only have sealed bottled water available along the course
Portalets will be at every water/gatorade/aid station as listed below:
Mile 1 — Bank of portalets only
Mile 1.65 — Water stop
Mile 3 – Water stop
Mile 5.2 — Water stop
Mile 6.75 — Water stop
Mile 8 — Water stop  Medical Aid Station
Mile 9.1 — Clif Shots, Water stop
Mile 10.5 — Water stop
Mile 11.75 — Water stop
Finish line  — Medical aid, water, bananas & canned FLORIDA BEER !



Our awesome water station volunteers keeping our runners